Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What does it mean?

-The prophesy-

    When stone bearer and phoenix meet.

    When old power and heir do flee.

    The lion in flight the bird of prey.

    Will come to aid of those who seek.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Part 4

Once upon a time a man went walking with his dog Max, he entered the forest and never returned. Mark was a twelve year old, a medium sized boy with short black hair, and brown eyes. He liked the outdoors, to fish, hunt, and explore. When he was just a baby his father had gone for a walk with their dog Max and never returned. But Max did. Marks mother and relatives searched for ages , but they never found his father.

It was an early summer morning, Mark was looking at the familiar sights. To the north was the forest, a towering menace, rising from the forest were great mountains of extraordinary heights, and beyond those mountains he did not know, tales were told of great wilderness full of monsters from children's story's and old wives tails. Today his mother had given him permission to go on a camping trip for a week, Mark immediately began packing. He was now ready to go, his mother warned him to stay away from the forest, he gladly agreed. As he walked down the path he began playing with Max, Max was a mongrel of unknown breed, in other words a mutt. Mark and Max had always been friends, ever since Marks father had disappeared they had been inseparable, they did everything together. Late in the morning they arrived at the river, he and Max played in the shallows till Mark got hungry. While he ate Max trotted of in search of something to eat. While he waited Mark watched the river roll by, the trees were full of leaves, the sun was beating down on Mark, so he moved to the shade of a cottonwood, and slowly fell asleep. When he woke Max was waiting for him, so he put the rest of his food back in his pack and began following the rivers northward course.

As Mark and Max followed the river , Mark espied a fallen tree that made a bridge between the shore and an island in the river. He climbed onto the log and began walking towards the island. Suddenly! He slipped and fell into the roaring current below, as hard as he tried he could do nothing but come up for breath, the rivers hold was to strong. In his panic Mark had failed to notice were he was going, Mark wondered how much longer he could come up for breath before he drowned, then he felt something pull him out of the water. It was Max! Then Mark realized with a rush of panic, he was in the middle of the forest. Then Mark heard a bellowing roar and a piercing cry of an eagle. Then he saw what he would not easily forget.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Wow I amaze myself...(talk about quick posting)

Part 4

The rest of that day was spent preparing for their journey, as they prepared Constipatio and Jack were given a dagger and leather jerkins for protection in case they were attacked. The wizard took no armor although Jack noticed he carried a long slender blade that glowed silver. When they finished making all preparations that could be made. They ate a short meal and went too sleep. Constipatio and Jack where awakened with a soft shake, it was still dark out. They departed with few words, as they walked along Constipatio noticed how quite and peaceful the woods seemed. As the sun rose Jack heard the sound of water, shortly after they arrived at a stream where they had a short meal. As they sat there eating Ulvario suddenly tensed, Jack and Constipatio suddenly heard a screeching wail of a beast in rage. Suddenly Ulvario shouted, “down!” before their eyes was a mighty beast twenty feet tall, its body was long and slender, its arms were covered in shining steel, its breastplate was also of steel, the beasts jaws were gaping and its teeth like knives. Along its spine ran spikes, its tail was barbed. In its clawed hands it wielded a mace.

As it looked upon them Jack gave a cry of horror, as Constipatio turned he saw a group of creatures around his size, they wore armor that looked as if it had been scavenged from the dead of all kinds. They wielded short swords and many other random weapons. They were attacking Jack and attempting to disarm him, then Constipatio realized they were trying to take him alive. With a sharp cry he raced to his friends aid. As he charged into the creatures he drew his dagger and slashed the nearest one, it toppled down at his feet. Before he could think he was swarmed on, then Jack drew his own dagger and began attacking, then Ulvario shouted a word Constipatio could not understand and the creatures fell dead. Constipatio and Jack turned and witnessed a brutal battle, Ulvario was evading and slashing at the beast as it continually smashed its mace down nearly crushing Ulvario numerous times. At last the beast's mace became stuck in the ground as it brought it down with such incredible force. Ulvario took advantage of the pause and pointed his sword at the beasts face, the sword erupted in flame and a bolt of fire smashed the creature in the eye. At this blow the creature toppled forward and died before it hit the ground.

As Constipatio looked upon the fallen creature Ulvario said, “are any of you hurt?”, they both shook their heads and he said “good we must make haste.” As they began they're journey at a much quicker pace Constipatio asked, “what were those creatures?” Ulvario replied, “The large one that I attacked I am not sure, the creatures that attacked you were lesser minotaurs. They are lesser forms of the true minotaurs, who are a formidable enemy indeed. These creatures are the reason I had you flee and follow me to the gnomes for they are all that is left on this island. Yes those creatures attacked the night you met me, they destroyed your village and all who lived in it. This land is no longer safe.” on hearing this Jack gave a cry of despair and Constipatio could not think of what to stay but instead shook his head in frustration and horror.

As night fell Ulvario stopped and they had a hurried meal, then they moved on. It was nearly midnight (Constipatio thought) when they finally stopped and rested. Ulvario took the first watch Jack the second and Constipatio the third. Constipatio was awoken by Jack who said it was his watch and went to sleep immediately. When the moon had gone down and the sun was just starting to rise Constipatio awoke the others and they continued their journey (after a small meal). As they walked Constipatio began to realize that this journey would change the course of his life, there was no going back. That night they stopped in a small grassy hollow. As they prepared to sleep Jack asked the wizard, “ What does the dark lord want from our island?” Ulvario replied, “ His purpose I'm yet unsure of, what I do know is it has something to do with that creature I killed. As Constipatio took his turn on the watch he began to feel drowsy, as his thoughts wandered he was brought back to reality by a tremor in the earth.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Good news.

I have good news, The next part is ready, all that is left to do is get Yukon to edit it. So all you have to do is spam his blog until he does it, remember he has a life so he might have other stuff to do, unlike me. In other words, dont be to hard on him.

Also the part after the next part is almost ready, I have to tell you the story is picking up speed...*

* I'm so proud of myself.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Part 3... At last!

Constipatio and Jack awoke to the smell of eggs and bacon cooking, as they wiped the sleep from their eyes, a knock sounded on the door of the room. the wizards voice came through announcing breakfast. While they ate he said, "I apologize for frightening you last night, I kept my name secret for the simple reason that I did not want anybody or anything to hear it. But now I have deemed it safe to give you my name, my name is Ulvario."

When they had finished eating Jack said, "what is going on?" "a good question", said Ulvario "The answer is a little more complicated, The simplified answer is, many years ago a powerful elven wizard from the west turned bad (or so we believe), he gathered many dark creatures to himself and attempted as all agents of darkness do, to destroy the elves, gnomes, dwarves , and men. But he was defeated and he fled to the north, beyond the seas of ice into the great northern reaches of our world where he passed out of all knowledge. Now, about 100 years ago the elven lands were beset by a great evil an unknown being drives them our land has been at war with them ever since, now as we fought this war we began to realize that the other lands were also in peril and before long the evil would attempt to destroy them too. I and a few others were sent by the head of our order to monitor the enemys movements, we were to do whatever it took to stop him. Just days before we set out on our mission one of the elven scholars discoverd an ancient prophecy that stated in one of the lands we were setting out for the son of the gnome king would be found, I was the one who would find him." " You are that one." on hearing this Jack absentmindedly shoved his fork up his nose, Constipatio on the other hand just stared at Ulvario in disbelief. Then Jack said, "that doesn't make any sense, I thought gnomes gave better names to their children than "Constipatio" besides whats your proof?". Ulvario said, "a wise question which I can and will answer, For one thing his name is not Constipatio as those cheese obsessed villagers say, secondly this island is not even called stinking bishop. Upon hearing this Constipatio said "Why don't I remember my parents?".

Ulvario said, "The reason is more than one sentence long, it goes back about 30 years when you where just a baby. Your mother was an elf and your father was a gnome. Your grand-father died and your father inherited the throne of the gnome king. But evil was near, shortly after you were born the dark lord I have told you about. He sent his servants against the gnomes, we believed it to be a full front war. But it was a trap, your father sent your mother away to safety with the other refugees. But on the journey the dark lord sent his servants and they ambushed the refugees on their journey. many died some fled into the wild, never to be seen again. But you vanished, some thought you died like your mother, some think you were captured. Until now no one knew you lived. That is a secret we must keep."

After a few minutes of silence Jack broke it and said "So... were are we going?", Ulvario came out of his thoughtful silence and said, "My task has just begun now that I have found you I must bring you to the gnomes fortress. I will then take you to your father and from their on I know not what we must do."

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hi and apologize

Hi everyone, just in case you haven't noticed I've kinda well... slacked of posting... I'm sorry about that *sob*. Now! I must toughen up and brave the seas of well... posting I guess, and tell you I am very very very ect. sorry about my bad posting. Ahh... now thats over with, down to the actual post. As it turns out with the coming of the school year (Me and Yukon are no longer home-schooled, this means our parents can't explain our behavior any longer) there is not much time to blog, (unless you are my dad) so we have started on the next part of our story. But it is not ready, luckily we have it all in our heads. you will have to wait a bit for a full update because I now must go to school, drudgery, or whatever they call it nowa-days.

Toodles for now, Micah

Saturday, August 05, 2006

part 2

here is part 2 of mine and yukons story. enjoy!....

Constipatio and Jack both gasped,before there eyes the sky was turning green, and a huge whirlwind engulfed the volcano! As they watched the strange (and I must say rather frightening sight) an ever so faint breeze swept around there ankles and a voice said, “come we must leave”.

Jack looked at his now empty bottle in disbelief , Did I just hear a dog say the village was gone, and now order us to leave?” “No I said that!” Jack looked up in fright there standing were Champlion had been was a tall man or was it a man?

His robes were like silver and his eyes like lightning. Constipatio said “who are you?” the man (or was it a man?) replied “does it matter? For I am a friend and wizard “ Constipatio immediately shouted “WAT DID YOU DO TO MY DOG!?!” the wizard said “I am your dog” at that moment Jack groaned and looked at his empty bottle yet again, saying as he examined it “how old is this stuff?” then he said “how much did I pack?”. At that moment the rain came, Constipatio took no notice of it and said what do you mean? The wizard said “I will show you” and as he spoke a mist engulfed him but even as it came it left, and there before them stood Champlion. Then again the mist came and went, and before them stood (yet again) the wizard. Constipatio took this for all the evidence he needed (as did Jack) and asked, “how are you Champlion?” The wizard sighed and said “things are not as they seem” follow me and I shall explain in full out of danger.

The wizard led them and down the hill and through the woods for what seemed hours, after a time the wizard quietly said “stop” then Constipatio realized these woods looked very different they where older denser and quieter, then Constipatio realized, this was the great forest. As it turned out this was only the edge of the great forest and not nearly as bad as the heart of the forest. The wizard led them towards a large tree were he (quite oddly) mumbled some words to it. Much to Constipatio and Jacks surprise a small opening appeared in the ground at the base of the tree. The wizard quickly motioned too them too enter which they did obediently. Inside was a small room lit by lamp and a fire, by the opening was a man a little shorter than Jack, introduced himself (quite simply) as Tom. The wizard entered even as they where taking in all the details he said in a kind voice “Hello Tom” Tom replied “hello sir,” and Constipatio realized they did not know what the wizards name was.

The wizard said “forgive me for not introducing myself, you may continue to call me Champ, as for your names, I already know them.” Constipatio was at loss for words, Jack was overjoyed (for this meant his rum was still fit for drinking) Constipatio ventured to ask “how come you acted like my dog?” Champ replied “That story must wait, for now beds await. You will learn the answers soon enough.” At that Champ bade Them all good night and swept out of the room down a narrow hall Tom said “ you and Jack shall sleep in the guest room along with Champ” Constipatio said “where are we?” Tom said “somewhere safe, now I shall take you too your room.” The room was rather empty except for a four sets of bunk beds and a small fireplace. Tom bade them good night and left. As Constipatio lay in bed he wondered two things one was, what is going on? And the other, what time is it?